The PICmicro Ring The PICmicro WebRing is the fastest way to navigate through the best PIC sites. Start from any site and then look for the ring banner to go on the next stop. If you prefer you can also pick a random site from the ring.
Microchip The maker of the PIC line of microcontrollers. You will find all the data sheets and application notes on their Web.
David Tait One of the pioneer of the PIC adventure. He designed the (probably) first 16C84 home-made programmer. Take a look.
Microchip Net resources A huge list of links related to Microchip products maintained by Alexey Vladimirov. Rated "A" resource by EG3.
Scott Dattalo A good collection of optimized routines and ideas for the PIC.
Andrew Warren Various pieces of software for the PIC microcontroller. Andrew also manages the FFE site where you can find a very BIG list of Q&A on the PIC subject.
PicPoint A good Italian site dedicated to the PIC world. Most articles are both in English and Italian.
GNUPIC An entire suite of PIC development tools freely available in source code, so that people can program PICs using the platform and operating system of their choice.
TATO Computers Home of the ProPic production programmer. Nice (shareware) software, schematics and PCB layout to make your own PIC programmer.
Eric's PIC Page Some good projects and other useful information from Eric Smith.
Alessandro Zummo Alessandro's home page is the way to reach the Universal Pic Resource Locator, a structured collection of PIC resources on the Web.
Bob Blick Bob Blick's Assorted Electronics Projects. Here you can find his amazing "Mechanically Propelled Clock".
DonTronics Kits, links, shareware, information's on the PIC and electronics subjects.

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