Alphanumeric LCD TrueType font When you write the documentation for a device that uses an alphanumeric LCD module, it would be nice if the manual shows the actual display configuration. When I didn't find any appropriate font I decided to design my own.

The Alphanumeric LCD font is the TrueType version of the 5x7 dot characters used by the LCD modules based on the Hitachi HD44780 controller. I implemented all the low-page character and some of the Japanese symbols. I also added a set of European accented character according to the ANSI code mapping. Note that the font may appear blurred when displayed in small sizes. This effect is due to the display resolution and the very close dots of the font. The characters should look good when printed on laser or ink jet printers. If you use the font in a graphic package be sure to turn off the anti-aliasing feature.

The font is free but, if you use it, I would be pleased to receive an e-mail from you just to know my font was useful.

This page is (C)1999 by Marco Di Leo <m.dileo@bigfoot.com>